SA to sponsor logo contest

By Lisa Ferro

The Student Association is sponsoring a contest to replace its old logo with a new “fresh look.”

“The logo we have now for the SA is very outdated and unattractive and does not describe what the SA stands for today,” said Public Relations Adviser Lara Cipolla.

“It’s something that has been talked about every year but nothing has been done about it,” she said.

Cipolla said the logo they have now is a branching of the executive board to the seven original adviser positions and the students.

“At the time, maybe this was what it represented, but it is at least ten years old,” Cipolla said. “Now, especially this year, this SA board wants to show we’re new and different from the past and we don’t want to look back at all, so were hoping to get in a new fresh logo that will put a new face on the SA.”

The SA is having a contest for all students. To enter, students should submit a copy of the logo to the SA office. The deadline is Monday, Nov. 12 at 4:30 p.m.

“We have not set guidelines on the logo itself, because it’s a logo that represents the whole SA, including all students, and therefore whatever any student feels is the SA, is correct.” Cipolla said.

“It’s the students’ logo and should be thought of solely by the students,” she said.

The winning designer of the logo will receive a $25 gift certificate from the Village Commons Bookstore.

The winning logo will be chosen by the end of this semester and will be introduced at the beginning of next semester.

The PR committee will make recommendations to the executive board and the senate.

The new logo will appear on SA stationary, advertisements, brochures, letters, signs and several other things related to the SA. “Any SA document and SA material that is produced will have a new logo,” she said.