BOR might approve budget

By Sabryna Cornish and Vickie Snow

If you think you’re the only one who wants more money, think again.

Along with approving a step toward a fall 1991 semester tuition hike, the Board of Regents, NIU’s governing board, might approve a fiscal year 1992 operating budget that reflects a total increase of $42.5 million and FY92 capital appropriation budget totaling $72.5 million.

The Regents’ meeting will be held at Illinois State University in Bloomington Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. and Thursday at 9 a.m.

According to the Chancellor’s Report, Regents Chancellor Roderick Groves will ask for the board’s endorsement of a tuition increase to combat rising inflation.

The tuition increase would help fund the FY92 budget increase recommendations.

The FY92 operating budget requests nearly $21.3 million for NIU, a 17.6 percent increase over last year.

Appropriations for NIU in the FY92 operating budget include:

$8,855,200 for “personal services” or salary increases.

$1,903,300 for general price increases, such as equipment, travel, contractual services, automotive maintenance and telecommunications.

$392,600 for library materials.

$26,200 for a fire protection price increase.

Capital Appropriation budget requests include:

$3,043,200 for a steam tunnel for the new Faraday Hall addition and nearby buildings.

$5,126,700 for construction of a Rockford facility.

$6,552,000 for engineering building equipment.

$2,465,000 for decreasing the asbestos level in Graham Hall, a 25-year-old building.

$145,400 for campus entrance improvements.

$271,400 for campus lighting remodeling.

$963,200 for a new College of Business Building.

NIU is asking for about $2 million more than ISU.

If the board approves the budget, the money will need to be passed by the Illinois Board of Higher Education before Gov. James Thompson signs it.

Additionally, the board will present updated information on the release of money from a newly-signed bill.

Part of $6.7 million in appropriations goes to NIU including $600,000 for more utilities at the NIU Engineering Building and more than $3.8 million for removal of asbestos and remodeling of the University Health Services Center.

In other business, the Joint University Advisory Committee, which consists of about five representatives from each Regency university, reports relevant information to the board.

Last year, some students tried to have a seat added to JUAC, but were refused since some members felt it was unnecessary.

At tomorrow’s meeting, however, an NIU student will attend the JUAC meeting to show NIU students are interested in JUAC, said NIU Student Regent Jim Mertes.

The board governs NIU, Illinois State University in Normal and Sangamon State University in Springfield, its headquarters.