System sees reforms

By Amy Julian

The face of the NIU greek system is changing with reforms legislated by national chapters and carried out by the Panhellenic and Interfraternity Councils.

“The greek system is moving away from the social extreme toward the educational extreme,” Martin said.

All of the national chapters are pressuring the greek system to eliminate hazing, racism, sexual assault and alcohol abuse, said Donald Buckner, associate vice president for Student Affairs.

To do this, several sororities and fraternities are considering eliminating pledging from their Rush programs. NIU’s Phi Sigma Kappa was the first on campus to hold Rush without pledging.

Heidi Picard, Panhellenic Council public relations officer, said NIU sororoities Alpha Phi, Delta Gamma and Alpha Delta Pi already eliminated pledge books from their Rush.

Martin said he doesn’t see eliminating pledging as a national trend but that all greek organizations are looking at ways to make pledging a more constructive and educational process.

Martin said reforms will make the system more attractive.

For example, freshmen will see that it is not like “Animal House.” Instead, it is a place for them to make connections among alumni in business and gain leadership experience.

Greek adviser Dawn Sturma of University Programming and Activities said reforms will be a strength for fraternities trying to get back to their original values.

Picard said because the actions of one greek chapter affect the whole system, the system needs to unite to break down the sometimes negative stereotype of greeks.