SA successfully unites over summer

By Lisa Ferro

Organization was the summer key for NIU’s Student Association.

The SA’s spring-elected executive board, President Robert McCormack, Vice President Tanya Smith and Treasurer Mike Holy, agreed on a new mission for the group: “To be a pro-active, positive and credible organization working to benefit fellow students and enhance student life at NIU.”

McCormack said teamwork and communication are neccesary to accomplish the goal.

“In past administrations, there was a breakdown of communication between executive board and the staff alone, not even dealing with the senate,” he said.

McCormack produced a sheet for SA committee advisers to write down basic goals they hope to accomplish. Advisers are expected to write down who their goals are for, when goals should be completed and what was achieved during the preceeding week.

The sheets should produce better accountability of what the advisers are working on, McCormack said.

He also was busy this summer talking to agencies inside and outside NIU getting information as to what they want to see inside the Campus Safety manual.

Curt Stein, SA campus welfare committee adviser, compiled all the information which is being printed. “We are trying to see what our options are to get our information distibuted to students,” McCormack said.

The SA also was active in passing a Huskie Bus referendum, backed by Mass Transit Board Adviser Todd Allen. The referendum- which continued bus service during the summer- resulted after summer school indicated their needs for mass transit.

Other accomplishments were made by Public Relations Advisor Lara Cipolla, who worked with an NIU art student and produced a SA brochure. “The text was done by the staff, updating it to what this staff wanted it to say and what we feel we are going to try and implement throughout the year,” she said.

Cipolla also produced a manual called the “Great Communicator,” which is given to SA organizations and describes NIU policies.