SA members sworn into new offices

By Maureen Morrissey

The new Student Association executive board members were sworn into office at an inauguration ceremony Saturday.

NIU President John La Tourette swore in SA President Rob McCormack, Vice president Tanya Smith and Treasurer Michael Holy.

Outgoing SA President Huda Scheidelman gave a farewell address to a crowd of about 50 people. Scheidelman said she was speaking “candidly” about the president positon and there are many obstacles inherent to the job. The position of SA President is a “lonely and thankless job,” she said.

Some of the obstacles she mentioned were that a one year term makes it difficult to acheive goals and many administrative blocks, Scheidelman said. Also, the SA is misrepresented to the public, she said.

“It is frustrating to know constituents are not fairly communicated to,” she said.

However, the job does have its high points. “The faculty are enjoyable to work with and there is ample opportunity for progress,” Sheidelman said.

Barbara Henley, vice president for Student Affairs, spoke on “Student Leadership as We Approach the 21st Century” during the inauguration. Henley said student leaders “must be responsive to a more diverse group” of college students. She also said the new executives could count on the support of her office.

Michelle Emmett, director of University Programming and Activities, made closing remarks at the ceremony. The executives “need to be faithful to the Student Association as an organization,” and they need “to care enough to confront wrongs,” she said.