Unfair opinion

In response to Claudia Curry’s “whacked” editorial column on Feb. 1, I think you made an analysis to something you had no knowledge of, which is called ignorance!

Ms. Curry, you began the column by stating that you could not even attend Minister Louis Farrakhan’s lecture, yet you crafted a full-length page editorial based on what the hell everybody else told you! And that is indeed “whacked” journalism that you incorporated into this “great journal of truth.”

The sad part about it is that he didn’t even spend three minutes on that interracial relationship situation. What did your friends tell you about his theories on government domination of smaller nations? What did your friends think of his call for student contribution to civilization? Or how about the parable of ancient Babylon to modern nations?

No! Claudia didn’t hear that, Claudia only focused on a minute in a spectrum of topics, which goes to show that in fact what was being described about the media is true. You (as a columnist) are “supposed” to represent an objective opinion on a non-partial basis, yet you show your prejudices which appear to be based off of a hidden insecurity to your own identity.

If you would’ve been in attendance, along with the other 2,631 people who put their differences aside to objectively hear this man out for themselves (sic). Again, it’s very pitiful that you and Dan 0’Shea have nothing constructive to print even after a week’s time in regards to the program.

By the way, he said that people of different colors shouldn’t “hook-up” on superficial or artificial basis, instead base that off of genuine “love” or substance—and I think anyone would bear witness to that…just ask any of the football players. I think they can tell you a lot about superficial interracial relationships.

But let the record show Ms. Curry, that the student fees were repaid and you should do some “real” journalistic work on how much was returned to the student fee account, since you mentioned that you had a personal problem with that. And I think not only would Minister Louis Farrakhan have a problem with you, you’ve shown that you have a problem with yourself!

Demetricus L. Carlvin

Minister of Information

Black Student Union