Complaints filed over SA elections

By Maureen Morrissey

Complaints about poll workers and dirty campaigning are bubbling over in the Student Association presidential campaign.

A number of election complaints were reported to SA Elections Commissioner Ray Callahan.

“This is one of the dirtiest campaigns I have ever witnessed,” said presidential candidate and Senate Speaker John Fallon.

Charges were filed against Sen. Bradley Strauss for campaigning for presidential candidate Rob McCormack inside the Holmes Student Center. Callahan confirmed the complaint was filed.

Karen Seivert filed a complaint alleging Strauss approached her and asked her to vote for McCormack. According to election rules, no campaigning is allowed within 100 feet of a polling place or within the building itself.

Callahan said rules for the election judges are posted at each polling place. The rules state judges are not supposed to influence voters or have any campaign materials at the poll. In addition, Callahan said he wrote, in large letters, “Do not tell anyone who to vote for” at each polling table.

Callahan said he will speak to the people causing problems and if it is a campaign worker, he can ask the candidate to stop campaigning. “Each candidate is responsible for his own people,” Callahan said.

In addition, Fallon said he will file a complaint with Callahan against Sen. Patrick Sanchez.

Fallon said Sanchez, who supports McCormack, was sitting behind a poll in the student center telling students not to vote for Fallon.

Sanchez denied the allegations. “I was just sitting behind the polling place doing homework.”

Vice Presidential candidate Tanya Smith said Wednesday’s election was “pretty good,” but she does have a few complaints about the poll workers.