Forum’s SA recognition revoked

By Maureen Morrissey

The Student Association will no longer recognize an NIU organization because it banned homosexuals in response to the university’s contradictory discrimination policy.

The Philosophy Forum dicriminates against homosexuals and contradicts the SA constitution that prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

The forum banned homosexuals in protest of NIU’s allowance of the Reserve Officer Training Corps on campus.

Sen. Henry Treftz said “we do not regognize ROTC as a student organization, but we do recognize the Philosophy Forum.”

The senate voted down a resolution March 6 to ban ROTC from campus, even though the program does not allow homosexuals have ROTC scholarships.

The decision to ban the Philosophy Forum was “clear cut,” said SA President Huda Scheidelman.

“We are obliged to the constitution; however, the senate did contradict itself” when it opted not to ban ROTC, Scheidelman said.

Philosophy Forum President Domenico Carli previously said the group’s actions were not against ROTC, but the inconsistancy of the NIU administration.

Sen. James Mertes said the forum was “playing games” with the SA. “I am very angry with the Philosophy Forum,” he said.

But Sen. Bradley Strauss said the forum’s stance was not a game, but a protest. “The Philosophy Forum thought it would sacrifice recognition for its protest. However, there is no doubt it is our job to follow the constitution and bylaws,” he said.

In other SA business, Community Affairs Adviser Brian Subatich stated in his report he has no recommendation to the senate on the SA Art Collection and will no longer oversee the collection.

Subatich said he will not look over the collection anymore because of numerous reasons, including a recent theft in the collection.

Subatich said he was not informed of the theft until University Police called him in for questioning.