It was all for nothing, Ryan

If only the world could be seen through a child’s eyes.

A child is innocent, ignorant of prejudices and unable to judge a person. Unfortunately, adults are responsible for molding those children.

Last Friday, a Sunday school ban on a child with AIDS was lifted. Oh, joy and revelations!

The ban was based on the limited knowledge scientists have on whether saliva transmits the virus. Many children put toys in their mouths and tend to drool or spit every once in a while. Common knowledge.

There are no reported cases of saliva transmitting the virus.

The 5-year-old boy was born with AIDS and lives with foster parents since his mother, also infected with AIDS, was unable to care for him.

Ryan White, a teenager with AIDS who supposedly opened American minds about the virus after being barred from school, died a week prior to the ban on the 5-year-old.

The pastor at the Sunday school said he hoped other churches would be able to use him as a model. Well, let’s hope so. A model for stupidity.

AIDS, transmitted by semen and blood, is a much more dangerous disease when people don’t understand it. Ignorance is the problem.

The Sunday school ban is a perfect example. The unanswered questions about AIDS might have been answered had the school’s staff kept up on new developments in the virus.