Make right pick

On April 11 and 12, we will have the opportunity to select the individual who will represent the entire NIU student body, as our president, for one full year.

Because this position is so very important to the future of our rights as students, it must be filled with an individual that is knowledgeable, experienced, sincere, compassionate, and aggressive. John Fallon is that person.

As student senators, we have grown to admire John’s decisive leadership and untiring concern for students. He has received two United States Congressional Leadership Awards; he has been elected to the SA Senate Speaker position; he has been an active, vocal member of the Student’s Committee on Financial Aid, the Student Political Educaton and Action Committee, the President’s Fee Study Committee; and he has actively participated in IFC/Panhel.

Remarkably, the credentials that we have listed here constitute only a fraction of the many objectives that John has already achieved.

Moreover, John’s experience and dedication will enhance his ability to attain the multitude of students’ goals. He will continue to fight tuition increases, uphold students’ rights in local, state, and federal arenas, and provide solutions to the problems we face as students.

John will provide effective leadership to a student body in dire need of an aggressive advocate. He is our choice for Student Associaton President.

James W. Mertes


SA Senator

Galvin B. Kennedy


Former SA Senator