SA art piece found missing

By Maureen Morrissey

A Student Association Art Collection piece worth at least $8,000 was taken two weeks ago, but student representatives are arguing over who needs to know about the theft.

University Police said the untitled acrylic on wood relief by Keith Haring was stolen from the collections’ storage room in the Holmes Student Center. The piece was reported missing on March 27 and there were no signs of a forced entry.

SA President Huda Scheidelman said University Programming and Activities had the piece assessed in 1986, but CAB was in the process of having the work reassesed when it was realized missing.

aring died of AIDS earlier this year. His death might increase the value of the painting.

“CAB told the senate speaker (John Fallon), but did not notify me or Brian (Subatich),” Scheidelman said. Fallon “should have notified the senate,” she said.

Subatich was appointed by the senate last semester to investigate the status of the collection.

“If the UP’s had not called me in for questioning, I would have never found out,” about the theft, Subatich said.

Fallon said he was notified last week by UP&A because he is keeping in contact with CAB and is the “only one who knows what’s going on with the collection.”

“The SA will be informed when there is something to be informed about,” Fallon said.

“I do not think the senate is interested in the collection based on the zero attendence at the Speakers Forum,” held Sunday to discuss the collection, he said.

“It would have been in CAB’s best interest to notify the SA president,” Subatich said.

However, CAB President Brett White said “there is nothing the SA could do (about the situation) except volunteer man power” to help search for the piece on campus.

“The owners of the collection should be notified,” when something is missing, Scheidelman said.

CAB visual arts coordinator Erik Eide refused to comment on the issue.