Medically sound

It is apparent from Claudia Curry’s self- proclaimed style of reading the newspaper only by “the interesting headlines” she is as uninformed and narrow-minded as a person can be.

You criticize a religion that you know nothing about other than the so-called facts put down in another newspaper article. For someone who calls herself a journalist of any stature, I find your method of fact-finding incredulous.

In your uninformed column concerning the Christian Scientists, you forgot to mention the wonderful statistics of the medical world. More than 50,000 American children die a year while under the care of your so-called “medical attention.”

At the same time of the tragic death of the Twitchells’ son, child actor Heather O’Rourke died of the same disease while under the care of the best doctors available.

The point is that Christian Science should be judged as an institution in a similar fashion as that of the medical institution. It is a whole idea and should not be judged solely on inflammatory articles of its possible failures.

In summing up, I would have to say I agree with you that there are still attitudes left over from the Salem Witch Trials … namely yours. Your narrow minded and offensive nature toward ideas that you don’t comprehend in the least is reminiscent of that destructive era.

Unfortunately, someone has made the mistake of giving you a chance to publicize your poor journalistic attitude and the rest of us must tolerate it until you graduate.

Katherine Maloney


Economics/International Relations