Two SA by-law suspensions approved

By Maureen Morrissey

In an effort to take care of pending Student Association buisness, the senate approved two by-law suspensions Sunday.

The first revision, submitted by Sen. James Mertes, reduced the number of senators needed to obtain a majority or two-thirds vote for operating procedures.

Prior to the revision, 23 senators were needed to approve motions requiring a majority vote and 30 senators needed to approve a motion requiring a two-thirds vote.

There are presently 36 active, or recognized, senators.

The revision states “quorum shall constitute of a majority plus one of all active senators” and “all matters requiring a two-thirds vote shall hereinafter require a two-thirds vote of all active senators.”

Sen. Jen Onan said “we are having problems with attendence and there are things coming up now, such as budgets, that need to be done.”

The revision will be in effect until Sept. 1, 1990.

Another suspended bylaw stated “no senators shall be appointed after 30 days before the end of the semester.”

Two senators were sworn in at Sunday’s meeting. James Brockman and John Butler will serve as District 5 representatives for the remainder of the semester.

Butler said he “intends to learn the procedures of the senate” to see if he would like to serve as a senator next semester.

Mertes said “it is a 45-seat body and we should get more senators.”

In other SA buisness, the senate approved a supplemental funding request for the Campus Activities Board Visual Arts Committee.

The committee will use the additional $179.10 to take photographs of the SA Art Collection. The senate requested the photographs March 5.

Committee Chairman Erik Eide and SA Art Curator Marie Castro will be responsible for taking the photographs by June 4, 1990. If Eide and Castro cannot make the deadline, Onan and Sen. Dave Ivers will take the photos.