Africa Day speech cancelled

An African National Congress representative to the United States was unable to give his speech for Africa Day Tuesday at NIU.

Zeph Makgetla, assistant to Lindiwe Mabuza, chief ANC representative to the United States, was to speak as part of Africa Day. The speech, “The African National Congress Model For Democratic Rule In South Africa,” was cancelled because Makgetla is being hospitalized in Washington D.C.

The anti-apartheid ANC, headed by Nelson Mandela, was legally recognized by the South African government following Mandela’s Feb. 11 release from prison.

Makgetla was going to receive $1,000 for his speech, said Admasu Zike, Center for Black Studies director.

A Black Student Union member said they will try to reschedule Makgetla in the future.

Everything else planned for Africa Day went as scheduled including a panel discussion on the “Future of Africa in the 90s” and an ethnic food taste, said Public Information Specialist Steve Franklin.