Tough cleaning

In response to an article written by Stephen J. Klyczek about the sidewalk cleaning of the MLK mall area, what do you mean about vandalism and graffiti?

Just in case you didn’t notice, on March 20 there was a crew of two to three people removing graffiti from Douglas Drive west to Normal Road all day. The markings were written on sidewalks, trash cans, almost all the large trash bins and on brick buildings—namely Zulauf Hall and Reavis Hall.

Also removed in some of those areas were various posters concerning meetings, band dates, etc. The real message here is that any posters approved to be displayed on NIU property are dated for the time they are to be displayed.

They are to be displayed only in approved areas allowed in most buildings on campus or they will be taken down. We have a job to clean and try to maintain a beautiful campus. But actually, it’s everybody’s job who works or goes to school here. Vandalism and graffiti just makes the job more difficult, which take us away from other responsibilities.

Why, I’ll bet even Bart Simpson would say, “don’t pollute, dude.” Remember the episode on how bad Bart felt after cutting the town founder’s head off?

There’s no place for vandalism or graffiti.

G.R. Bays

NIU Groundsworker