Two elected to wrong district

By Maureen Morrissey

At least two write-in candidates were elected to the wrong district in the Student Association senate elections.

Mike Holy and Ken Moffet, both of whom live in District 4, had the most votes in District 3, receiving three each.

Tina Morgan, a District 3 write-in candidate, received two votes.

Two seats were open in the district and “many other candidates tied (losing) with one vote,” according to the election results compiled by SA Election Commissioner Ray Callahan and the election commission.

SA bylaws state a ballot will not be counted if the candidate does not live in the district the ballot was cast for.

District 4 candidate Richard Shippy said Wednesday he knows of about 20 students who received ballots for the wrong district, however, SA Election Commissioner Ray Callahan said the number of students was smaller than Shippy’s estimation.

Moffet said when he voted Jan. 24, he told a poll worker at Founders Memorial Library he lived in Douglas Hall and was given a District 3 ballot.

SA bylaws state District 4 consists of Douglas Hall, Stevenson and Grant towers.

A District 5 candidate, Sadia Ahmed, said Wednesday that she also received the wrong ballot.

oly and Moffet both said they think there should be another election because this could have happened in a number of other cases.

The three openings in District 1 were filled by write-in candidates. Sixty-three ballots were cast in the district. The elected senators for the district are Phill Buoscio, with 22 votes; Paul Meyers, with eight and Tracey Murfin, with seven votes.

Twenty-three candidates in District 1 failed to win seats.

Students in District 2 cast 286 ballots, electing six senators.

Winning candidates are Steven Zarch with 157 votes, Monica Brace with 139, Kathleen Rosenburg with 134, Gavin Kemp with 130, James Hollendonner with 125, and James Mertes with 114 votes, none of whom were write-in candidates.

Twenty-seven candidates in District 2 lost, 23 of whom had three votes or less.

In District 4, 204 students voted to fill one seat.

John Hughes won in District 4 with 55 votes.

In District 5, which had five openings, 44 ballots were cast.

The winners are Sadia Ahmed, with 19 votes; Henry Trafez with six; Lara Cippola, with three; Dave Wall, with three and Jeff Stark with two votes.

Seventeen of the 45 senate seats became vacant at the begining of this semester because of graduating and resigning senators.

A total of 645 ballots were cast in the SA elections held Jan. 24, 25 and Feb. 1. Five ballots were deemed invalid by the elections commission.