Murals hidden in Altgeld

Two of three murals originally painted in Altgeld Hall remain, and they are hidden behind the first floor soda machines.

Sue Trotter, of the Regional History Center, said the murals were painted in February, 1935, and the main panel, which is now hanging in the Regional History Center, was completed in August, 1935.

Trotter said the two side panels, completed in 1936, still remain on the first floor of Altgeld Hall. The Regional History Center would like to move the two side panels to the Center and put them with the main one, she said.

The murals were originally painted by Gregor Orlof in 1935, Trotter said. Orlof painted the murals for the Federal Art Project of the Works Progress Administration, as part of Theodore Roosevelt’s New Deal. The purpose of the program was to give work to unemployed artists.