Educate views

When writing a letter in response to one which appeared on the editorial page, would it be too much to ask for the writer to at least know what he is talking about? Apparently so in the case of Torrick Ward’s letter of Feb. 7.

Ward claims to “have seen pictures of the death camps of the Nazis” but obviously he has never bothered to read the words which usually accompany them. His statement that “African-American slaves suffered tortures more horrid than anything Hitler or Stalin imagined” shows not only his incredible ignorance concerning what happened in those concentration camps, but highlights Ward’s lack of knowledge about African-American history as well.

This is not the place to go into all of the graphic details, but for Ward’s information, African-American slaves were never marched off boats into gas chambers and ovens.

Ward believes that after World War II the “Jews were welcomed in many countries” and even “given the state of Israel to call their own.” Ward’s lack of knowledge concerning the treatment of the survivors and refugees of World War II as well as his fantasy about the creation of the state of Israel show that at least he is consistent in his prejudicial views.

These unfounded and bigoted views are usually found in Neo-Nazi literature, but freedom of speech allows Ward to share them here as well.

If Ward’s intention was to address the problem of racism and prejudice, there are more constructive ways to do this without perpetuating the problem. Fortunately, this university not only offers classes but has a large library where Ward can fill in the enormous gaps in his education.

Don Zahorick