No suspect in weekend attack

By Kelli E. Christiansen

A member of Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority “never really thought about” walking alone at night until last Saturday morning.

Jane, not her real name, said she walked halfway home from a party at High View Apartments, 930 Greenbrier Road, with friends at about 3 a.m. Saturday and then separated from them to walk half a block to the Tri-Sig house, 1202 Blackhawk Drive.

“It’s really unfair that I have to be afraid to walk alone,” she said. “It’s sad that I have to become a victim just because I’m a girl.”

“A man started following me from Campus Cinemas (1015 Blackhawk Drive),” she said.

Jane said the stranger followed her up the walkway of the sorority house and asked her where he could find Suburban Apartments, 1305 Annie Glidden Road.

She said she told him where the apartments were and “then he said, ‘How about a business proposition?'” The man said he would pay her $150 if he could see her body, she said.

After she said no, the man grabbed her arm and she ran into the house, Jane said. The man did not try to enter the house, she said.

“This isn’t an isolated incident,” she said. “But no one reports it. Police can’t help if no one reports it.”

Jane called police after the attack and helped them make a picture of the stranger.

DeKalb Police Lt. Richard Moudy said although he did not handle the case, he confirmed the incident. Moudy said students should “certainly” walk together because “that’s the safe way to do it.”

Moudy said “assaults like this happen from time to time” but nothing similar to this case has happened so far this semester. Police have no suspects in this case.