Lincoln Highway work slows bus

By Maureen Morrissey

Route 5 of the Huskie Bus Line might run up to five minutes behind schedule due to road construction on West Lincoln Highway.

Construction is being done on Lincoln Highway for one mile west of Annie Glidden Road, said DeKalb Civil Engineer Joel Muarer, adding, “It will be completed in January or February of 1991.”

The schedule might be affected more during morning and late afternoon at heavy traffic times.

Bus Route 5 runs through campus by Gabel Hall, Montgomery Hall and goes west on Lincoln Highway to Lincolnshire West and High Meadow Apartments, returning to campus past Huskie Stadium and the Office of Campus Recreation.

Student Association Mass Transit Board member Todd Allen said at the Jan. 29 SAMTB meeting he would like the board to inform students of the problem by advertising the route delays.

“I hope we can tell the students before the construction gets worse so they will know the bus might be late,” Allen said.

SAMTB Chairman Dave Pack said, “I want to have a flier done and put up before the end of next week.”

In other SAMTB business, Pack said the board is looking into the possibility of summer bus service for 1991.

The board will make a proposal to the President’s Fee Study Committee next year asking for a bus fee from summer school students, Pack said. “The fee would be about $2 a student.”

The bus fee currently is charged to students during the spring and fall semesters.