Student allegedly beaten near dorms

By Mark McGowan

An NIU student was beaten Feb. 9 while walking between Douglas and Lincoln halls, University Police said.

The student told police he allegedly was walking from Douglas to Lincoln after a party when he was attacked by three white males, police said.

The victim allegedly lost a tooth, received a “large” gash to his face and was bruised on the side of his head, police said.

owever, the police report is mostly speculation, UP Capt. James Webster said.

“He was very intoxicated at the time,” Webster said, adding the victim does not remember exact details and cannot account for anything between about 10:30 p.m. Friday until 4 a.m. Saturday.

Webster said the student woke up on the floor of his Lincoln Hall room. “He doesn’t know how he got there—if his buddies put him to bed, if his RA (resident assistant) put him to bed,” he said.

The student was treated at both NIU’s Health Center and Kishwaukee Community College, Rt. 23 and Bethany Road, Webster said.

“He said he was hit and fell to the ground and passed out,” Webster said. The victim might have been unconscious because medical officials found blood behind his eyes, Webster said.

Crime Stoppers also is investigating the incident, he said.