2,500 paid to see Farrakhan

By Maureen Morrissey

Black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan’s NIU lecture generated more than $8,000 in ticket sales.

Farrakhan spoke for more than two hours Tuesday at Chick Evans Field House on topics including anti-Semitism and female degradation for an audience of about 2,500.

“The lecture ended up costing students about $4,000,” said Student Association President Huda Scheidelman, pointing out that Campus Activities Board funding comes from the student activity fund.

The total cost of Farrakhan’s lecture was $13,000. Farrakhan’s fee was $12,000, while about $1,000 was spent on miscellaneous expenses, such as chair rental, said Otis Moore, Black Student Union vice president.

Last semester, CAB gave the BSU $6,000 to help finance Farrakhan’s appearance.

In January, the Student Association Executive Board allocated $4,000 for the appearance, which was to be paid back if enough tickets were sold to cover costs. Farrakhan was paid about $3,000 from the $8,000 in ticket revenues.

Moore said about $5,500 of the $10,000 in student fees used to help pay for Farrakhan will be returned to the student activities fund.

There were 1,380 tickets sold in advance and 1,103 tickets sold at the door, he said.

Jordan Kagan and Brad Strauss, SA senators and Hillel Jewish Student Organization members, petitioned the SA Supreme Court Jan. 17. The petition asked the court to stop the $4,000 in funding given to the BSU by the SA Executive Board.

Kagan and Strauss previously said they believed executive board members acted out of order when they made the $4,000 allocation Jan. 16 without senate approval.

“I still feel students are at a loss, but at least we got some of the money back,” Kagan said.

Farrakhan was “extremely well received,” Moore said. Although there was some negative feedback, “that is to be expected with a man as controversial as the minister,” he said.