Is D.C. ripe for statehood?

Sometimes, ideas get tossed around for years and never get anywhere because they might seem a little too outrageous and don’t have a big enough name behind them to make people think they aren’t so outrageous.

Some of these ideas are destined to be tossed around for eternity, but others, the lucky few, are able to find their big name and just might be able to get rolling.

The idea of making Washington D.C. a state has been tossed around for many years, but has always remained nothing more than an idea. Now, Jesse Jackson has launched a national campaign for statehood for Washington D.C.

The black leader became a Washington D.C. resident last summer when he moved there from Virginia. Many in D.C. have been calling for him to take over the mayor’s spot abandoned by Marion Barry. However, Jackson has his eyes on a senate seat, and you can’t be a senator unless you have a state behind you.

Jackson has yet to reveal his selling points for making D.C. a state, but are there any? D.C. has no major agricultural or industrial foundation whatsoever, so it would not have much to offer the rest of the nation. Also, D.C. originally became the nation’s capital so that no state would seem to have any advantage where the federal government was concerned.

This idea might be destined to be tossed around a while longer.