Elliot Lessen

NIU Professor

Full name: Elliott Lessen

Birthdate: Feb. 10, 1947

Birthplace: Syracuse, New York

Current NIU position: Professor of Educational Psychology and Special Education.

Years in current position: 12

Education: Undergraduate, Syracuse University. Graduate, University of Florida.

Car driven: 1986 Mazda RX 7

Favorite food: Chinese and pizza

Favorite TV show: Married With Children

Favorite movie: The Godfather

Favorite music: Eclectic. Classical music. I hate rap music.

Favorite book: The Fountainhead

Favorite vacation spot: Where it’s warm and there’s a golf course.

Most likely to be found at: My office or in Cole Hall.

Most exciting part of my job: Teaching EPSE 200 (Exceptional Persons in Society).

Hobbies: Golf, clothes shopping, and watching the NIU sports teams.

Ideal way to spend an evening: With friends, having a good time.

Favorite childhood memory: Never having to cut the lawn, and the first time I ever went shopping.

What I like the most about my job: The students

What I like the least about my job: Cheaters

Most memorable NIU experience: Winning the NIU Excellence in Undegraduate Teaching award in 1987.

Role models: No one in particular.

Worst advice ever given: I can’t think of any.

Best advice ever given: To become active in the Greek system.

Behind my back people say: I don’t know what people say behind my back.