After viewers protest, art must be ‘screened’

By Maureen Morrissey

Screens obstructing public view of a controversial student art display were set up in the Holmes Student Center Tuesday.

NIU art student Jonathon Adkins’ series of self-portraits, including male nudes, are on display in the center’s public lounge until Feb. 18.

Campus Activities Board Visual Arts committee supervises student art shows in the center.

Lisa Petersen, University Programming and Activities graduate assistant, said the screens “are not hiding it (the art), but were placed there so if you are just passing through you won’t notice it.”

After receiving “several complaints” about the artwork, HSC Director Judd Baker said he wanted something to be done to protect those who do not want to view the art.

“I would rather see that type of controversial art displayed in the gallery of the center than in the public lounge,” Baker said. “I do not agree with the art, but I am not in disagreement (that) it should be shown.”

Eric Eide, CAB Visual Arts Commitee coodinator, said, “Although the contract allows me the power to take the artwork down, I am against censorship of any kind,” and the screens were a compromise.

Adkins was unavailable for comment.