SA senate candidates ineligible

By Maureen Morrissey

The three Student Association senate seats remaining open after the senate elections will be filled by appointment, according to the SA vice president.

A total of 645 ballots were cast in the elections held Jan. 24, 25, and Feb. 1.

“We (the SA) will start advertising this week for the open positions,” and the executive board will hopefully have recommendations for the senate by the Jan. 18 senate meeting, said SA Vice President Steve Coloia.

After the SA advertises for the positions, the executive board recommends an appointment after interviewing each applicant, according to SA bylaws.

Confusion surrounding the elections was disscussed at Sunday’s senate meeting.

SA Senator Jennifer Onan said some students told her they were given the wrong ballots and said she thinks “the poll workers should have been more effective.”

Elections Commissioner Ray Callahan said, “I personally think students greatly exaggerated,” the number of wrong ballots given out, adding about 15 of the ballots contained write-in errors.

“If a student was given the wrong ballot, it was the fault of the student, not the poll worker,” Coloia said Friday.

Callahan said, “They (the poll workers) are not perfect; there are 154 people doing this as a favor,” adding “what happened, happened and there is nothing I can do now.”

Mike Holy and Ken Moffet received the most votes in District 3; however, they were conducting write-in campaigns for District 4.

Holy and Moffet both said Thursday they think another election should be held because wrong ballots could have been given out in a number of cases.

“I do not think new elections will be called for,” Onan said adding, new elections “would lessen the effectivness of the SA.”

“The current system (of voting) is pretty bad, so many write-in candidates cause confusion and the guidelines are very loose,” Callahan said.