The SA needs quality PR

The Student Association needs to use its public relations department to make the student body more aware of the SA’s benefits.

The recent senate elections, in which one senator was elected with only two votes, are evidence that the public relations department needs to play a more prominent role within the SA.

The department can take the opportunities of a new adviser, a new semester and newly elected senators to make students more aware of the SA’s programs and role at NIU.

The public relations committee might want to look into expansion or seek help with its jobs from the group for which it works.

This might mean the public relations committee creates a marketing scheme to publicize things like the SA Recycling Center. Once the committee agrees with a plan that will serve the interests the recycling center needs, center workers can help distribute the materials or otherwise implement the ideas. Help also might be sought through SA senators.

The public relations committee is an integral part of the SA. Through this department, the SA should be able to help publicize its own events and work with the senators to gather information from students.

It does not do any good for people to dwell on the committee’s past inadequacies. However, it is appropriate to expect to hear from this committee more often in the future. Every successful operation has a quality public relations department.