Make an effort

I was distressed recently to see that only three days after Dr. Martin Luther King’s birthday, when we are supposed to be celebrating the advances he made in civil rights, several white supremist publications were found inserted into Northern Stars.

I was distressed not only at the barbaric ideology that people such as these promote, but I was also distressed at the apparent indifference The Northern Star showed.

As I see it, a newspaper’s job is to objectively report the news. Obviously, these inserts are not objective, but quite the opposite, they are very prejudiced.

For a newspaper to be associated with these prejudices, would, I think, be very detrimental to its credibility. Yet, to The Northern Star, this is not so apparent. They devoted a miniscule three paragraphs to the incident and show no intention of further investigation.

The Star seems more concerned with absolving itself from any wrongdoing, rather than investigating the incident to make sure it does not happen again. It is this exact kind of apathy for these acts that allows them to continue.

These people’s moronic ideas have no place in our society and it is time to let them know that. I think The Northern Star should put a little more effort into trying to find out who the vandals were that inserted the propaganda into The Star and less time pointing the finger at others.

Alan Ducato