Student candidate organizes staff

By Karri E. Christiansen

NIU’s student candidate for 76th District state representative is making an effort to get things organized.

Bob Tisch, a first year graduate law student and student representative on the Board of Regents, is the only Democrat running for state representative in the primary to be held on March 20.

Currently, Tisch said he is organizing his campaign staff. He said he has the “luxury” to put his campaign together correctly because he has the time, as the only Democrat on the primary ballot.

The three candidates running on the Republican ticket are Brad Bruyznski, Charles Marshall and Jack Selver.

At a recent press conference Tisch seemed “to be making a deliberate effort to establish his priorities,” DeKalb County Clerk Terry Desmond said.

Before the election, Tisch said he plans to walk door-to-door throughout the district to make himself more well-known. The door-to-door campaigning allows him to meet the people and find out their concerns, he said. “They get to meet me.”

He said he will start his door-to-door campaign after the primary, when the weather is better.

Tisch said, the media is not the most effective way to campaign in this district because he is dealing with a smaller area and the majority of media targets a larger audience most of which are not in his district.

“He certainly has an understanding of Northern Illinois University, but that district is much wider than that,” Desmond said.

The 76th District includes DeKalb County and part of LaSalle and Kane counties, Tisch said.

If elected, he said he would come to the district and hold meetings for constituents with questions. He also said he would like to inform students of current issues by visiting schools, from elementary to college level.