Is it time to admit defeat?

Here’s a good one. You’re going to love this. There’s talk in the air about legalizing drugs, and get this: It isn’t just talk about legalizing marijuana again. This time they’re talking about possibly legalizing cocaine and heroin, too.

Are you laughing yet? Well stop, because it’s not a joke. To prove it, there are plenty of big names backing the issue.

Among those who say we should turn to legalization because the war on drugs is unwinnable are former Secretary of State George Schultz, writer William F. Buckley Jr., economist Milton Friedman, Baltimore Mayor Kurt Schmoke, federal judge Robert Sweet, ACLU leader Ira Glasser, columnist Mike Royko, and The Economist magazine.

What’s the basis for this ridiculous argument? Well, the pro-legalizers say that by legalizing these drugs, drug dealers will be put out of business and the worldwide illegal drug trade will become a thing of the past.

Sure, meanwhile, families all across America will be able to pick up a few drugs as they do their weekly family shopping. And isn’t that a pretty picture?

In essence, what these pro-legalizers are saying is that the war against drugs can never be won, so why don’t we just join the club? Legalizing is not an alternate strategy as these people think it is. It’s more like waving a white flag in front of the white foe.