Release is a start, that’s all

Three cheers for the South African government?

Sorry, guys. You have got a long way to go before you get that type of reaction.

There has been much talk lately in South Africa about the possible release of Nelson Mandela, who has been imprisoned for almost 30 years after being convicted on charges of conspiracy to start a revolution.

The country’s parliament has been brewing the idea for some time and is expected to announce a plan for Mandela’s release.

Apparently, the South African parliament believes this move in some way will help it gain a few points in the minds of the country’s black population. Mandela’s release is certainly long overdue.

However, if the parliament believes the move will quell the country’s long-time racial problems or draw attention away from the sad state of education in South Africa, the group is dead wrong. Maybe the parliament believes everyone has forgotten what kind of man Nelson Mandela is and how hard South Africa’s black population has fought in the past against government injustices.

Nelson Mandela has not forgotten what kind of man he is. He said he won’t leave prison unless the African National Congress is recognized by parliament and the country is pulled out of its state of emergency. Parliament has forgotten, no one else.