Welcome back Star readers

The Northern Star is working to provide the NIU campus and the DeKalb community with a dependable source for information.

In order to provide a quality product to its readers, the Star is continuing to improve upon its past accomplishments. This semester the Star is making some changes in the news content and how it is presented.

The Star expanded the state, national and world news, which can now be found toward the middle of the newspaper. This section consists of two or three pages devoted to events outside of the DeKalb area. The Star is working with the USA Today/Apple College Information Network in order to provide this information.

In various sections of the newspaper there are news briefs pertaining to each section including campus, sports, state, national and world events. These breifs give the reader a taste of on- and off-campus news in a convenient format.

There is a new management staff at the Star working on these changes and the normal publication. The Northern Star Editor Beth Behland and Managing Editor Greg Rivara oversee the management of all departments.

Dan O’Shea is in charge of the editorial department, which includes the printing of all signed opinions. O’Shea also receives all “letters to the editor.”

Campus Editor Michelle Landrum and City Editor Bill Schwingel approve and assign all local stories to about 25 Star reporters. They edit news stories and receive press releases.

The Star Thursday supplement, the Huskie Weekender, Star is edited by Claudia Curry.

Sports Editor Bob Regan is in charge of the sports pages in the back section of the Star. He approves and assigns all sports stories to reporters and edits stories.

Ginni Devlin manages the photo department.

On the business side of things, Angie Duffy is in charge of the advertising department.

Rod Kluck manages the billing department and Norris Goldstein handles payroll and subscriptions.

Production Manager Tracey Waite makes sure the paper is physically put together along with Advertising Production Manager Chris Lussow.

In the final step of The Northern Star production process, Mike Pizziferro oversees circulation every weekday morning.

The Northern Star looks forward to continually providing its NIU and DeKalb readers with the news for another semester. If you have any questions or comments please call 753-0101.