Respect rights

On Sunday, Jan. 21, there was an ecumenical service for the millions of babies killed since the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade 17 years ago.

There was a problem with the service, however. The classless Feminist Front, sporting obscene, blasphemous and vulgar signs, showed up to disturb the service.

The extreme liberal Feminist Front members, with left-wing malcontent Jim Fabris, had mounted a campaign to disrupt the service. The Feminist Front had stated that the real goal of the service was to “keep women voiceless,” not to pray for remembrance of the millions of babies slaughtered in the name of convenience every year.

The Feminist Front has once again turned other people’s motives around to fit into its own imaginary puzzle. THE LAST THING THE PRO-LIFE MOVEMENT NEEDS IS YOU PEOPLE TELLING US ITS GOALS.

The goal is to have people respect all life. And the next time you people are sitting around reading Das Kapital, why don’t you put it down for a second and take a look at the First Amendment.

Fred Freund