Better understanding goal of new, upcoming Council

By Michelle Isaacson

NIU’s InterFraternity, PanHellenic and Black Greek Councils are developing an All Greek Committee to better understand each others’ organizations.

The committee consists of representatives from IFC, PHC, BGC and Sigma Lambda Beta and Alpha Psi Lambda, which are new minority fraternities that have not been recognized by any council. In 1983, NIU greek organizations tried to form a similar council but the proposal never developed.

Jim Tubridy, IFC vice president of activities, and John Canfield, of Pi Kappa Alpha fraternity, will represent the IFC.

Canfield said the purpose of the committee is “to get Greek groups to start working together.”

The goals of the group include, “to unite all Greeks, to show the campus and the community Greeks are good, and to eliminate misconceptions of IFC, Panhel and Black Greek council,” Canfield said.

“By all of us working together, we can find common goals that all greek organizations have and help each other out. It’s just a starting point for us,” he said.

Tubridy said, “Something had to be done. We’ve got to get to know the people. I want to get black and Hispanic greeks interested in what we’re doing and start learning about how each others’ organizations work.”

“It’s going to give us a positive image. We’re trying to work together to get rid of prejudices and misconceptions,” he said.

Michael Pattrick, of Phi Beta Sigma fraternity, is one of the BGC representatives. “It’s time to break down stereotypes and myths, and work collectively to accomplish goals,” Pattrick said.

Jacqui Christian, of Phi Beta Chi sorority, is one of the PHC representatives on the AGC. “I think it’s important because we’ve been separated for so long. It’s time for Greeks to show real Greek unity and to make efforts in the Greek community.”