Students could see rent hike

By Maureen Morrissey

Students renting from some off-campus housing agencies will experience increasing rent rates when signing a 1990-91 lease.

“In addition to the normal 5 percent cost of living increase, rents in Greek Row had to be raised more because of the new assessment,” said Kathy Laing, agent for Laing Management.

DeKalb Assistant City Manager Gary Boden said the assessment, a surcharge on property taxes, will cost each Greek Row resident about $2 each month for completed street repairs.

Street repairs were needed in the Greek Row area because buses servicing the area have damaged the streets which were originally constructed for residential traffic only, Boden said.

NIU sophomore Sharon Dunlop, who rents from Laing, said “I do not think it’s fair. Students are trapped into paying these rents if they don’t want to live in the dorms.” She added, “I do not think we (the students) get what we pay for.”

Increases in Lincolnshire West Apartments, located near Huskie Stadium will range from $10 to $30, MaryAnn Sisler, an agent for the complex, said.

Chad Thompson, agent for Suburban Estates Apartments, said “for the most part, rents (in Suburban Estates) will not increase.”