Money for speaker restrained

By Maureen Morrissey

The Student Association Supreme Court issued a temporary restraint after three hours of deliberation on the $4,000 SA executive board allocation to help fund black Muslim leader Louis Farrakhan’s visit to NIU.

At 1:15 this morning, Supreme Court Justice and former Black Student Union President Pamela Bozeman said, “There will be no futher information released at this time to protect those involved.” Bozeman refused to answer further questions.

The court has scheduled a pubic hearing for 5 p.m. tonight in the Heritage Room in the Holmes Student Center.

The 3-2 decision to restrain the money was announced by Chief Justice Ed Gil. Brad Camis, Robert Snidman, Cameron Davis and Bozeman are the remaining members of the court.

SA Senators Bradley Strauss and Jordan Kagan petitioned the court Wednesday to stop the funding. Strauss said “the executive board showed poor judgement” when it acted without Senate approval.

The petition stated, “Farrakhan is an extremely controversial speaker who many people, including SA senators, believe expose racist and anti-Semitic views…This very important issue was treated in a careless and possibly unethical manner.”

The BSU needed a decision on the funding Tuesday, not allowing enough time for an emergency Senate meeting to be called, SA President Huda Scheidelman said.

SA bylaws state the executive board has the power to “act for student government in situations where immediate action is necessary.”

The SA executive board allocated $4,000 Monday to help finance Farrakhan’s controversial visit which will cost $12,000. Campus Activities Board agreed last semester to provide $6,000 of the expense and the BSU plans to sell tickets for the remaining money.

Scheidelman said she “would have preferred the Senate to look at the issue, but it was impossible.

“When we (the executive board) made the decision, we did not know what the Senate would say. We used what was best for the students at large,” she said.