‘Tremors’ horror a failure; just cheer for the monsters

By Gary Weishaar

If you’re a sucker for movies that contain comedy and horror, “Tremors” is not for you. This movie completely failed at combining both elements successfully.

In the story, large worm-like creatures appear for no reason in a remote section of the Nevada desert and start eating people.

The movie stars Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward as Val and Earl, two handymen who perform odd jobs in the town of Perfection. They come off as a couple of beer drinking morons and you might find yourself cheering for the monsters.

The movie’s only comic relief comes from Michael Gross as the psycho-survivalist Burt Gummer and his wife Heather, played by Reba McEntire. Their underground bunker features more weapons than all “Rambo” films combined.

The movie is plagued by inconsistencies. For example, the monsters, which burrow underground, sense their prey through sound vibrations.

Burt and Earl figure out that when they are standing still, the monsters can’t sense them. However, several people earlier in the movie were killed while standing still.

The special effects were also disappointing. It was a letdown to see monsters that looked like a cross between mutant Muppets and the man-eating plant from “Little Shop of Horrors.”

The creatures were also incredibly stupid and were continually tunnelling off cliffs or running into concrete drainage ditches.

Since the monsters couldn’t move above ground they did things like break through the surface, poke their heads around and roar, then got the hell blown out of them.

This movie was a complete failure on all levels. No action, no suspense, no comedy, and no fun.