SA service to answer questions, concerns

By Dana Netzel

Members of the Student Association will try to answer questions, concerns and suggestions students have about anything at NIU with a “passing the buck” service.

Students can put their comments in any of the “passing the buck” boxes located in Altgeld Hall, the Financial Aid Office and the Office of Campus Recreation.

“The primary goal is to get concerns that we are not already aware of,” said SA President Huda Scheidelman.

SA members will review the complaint, forward it to the appropriate official and follow up to see that it is handled, Scheidelman said.

The service has existed since 1985, but the newly-appointed public relations adviser, Tracy Havener, will try to promote more use of the program, Scheidelman said.

Scheidelman introduced Havener as her choice for public relations adviser at Sunday’s SA meeting. Havener already began work as adviser, but she will not be recognized until two-thirds of the senate approve Scheidelman’s recommendation.

Havener was unable to comment because she is not familiar with the service. “I’m trying to come up with information on it,” Havener said.

The name of the service will be changed because the SA is not taking over the problem; rather, they are informing people of the problem, Scheidelman said.