SA art worth argued

By Maureen Morrissey

Debate continues about the value of the Student Association Art Collection.

SA Community Affairs Adviser Brian Subatich, collection curator Marie Castro, Campus Activities Board visual arts coordinator Eric Eide and Lisa Petersen, University Programming and Activities graduate assistant, met Tuesday to discuss the collection.

A 1979 assessment valued the collection at more than $1 million; however, Subatich estimated “the current value to be between $2.8 and $4.5 million,” although inventory has not been completed.

Petersen said while UP&A has “no clue on the value of the collection,” Subatich’s estimation is “no claim whatsoever.”

Subatich said the collection includes between 250 and 300 pieces of art. There are 180 pieces in storage and Castro has leads on the location of about 40 other pieces, he said.

Thirty to 80 pieces are unaccounted for, 17 of which “cannot be traced at this university at this time,” Subatich said.

Castro said at Sunday’s Student Association Senate meeting that “a partial album of the collection” is done and she is working on a full album. “A lot of the works were missing before CAB got the collection” four years ago, she said.

The collection’s whereabouts first were questioned in December when an SA senator and former CAB liaison said the board did not know the prices or location of the art.

Subatich said the collection’s condition is the fault of both the SA and CAB; however, in the time that “CAB has had (the collection) they should have been able to find everything.

“UP&A should have been more on the ball,” he added.

Petersen said that at the next Senate meeting, Subatich will suggest the SA allows CAB to supervise the collection, determine its value and obtain a new insurance policy for the art, separate from the Swen Parson Collection policy covering the collection.