At DeKalb

(Editor’s note: Movies generally start their run on a Friday. Although every effort is made to insure accuracy, last minute changes can occur after this guide goes to press. Call the theater or check their advertisements before going out for a show.)

The Accidental Tourist__William Hurt and Kathleen Turner are a separated couple. Geena Davis is a spunky woman who tries to loosen up the uptight Hurt. (Playing at the DeKalb)

Beaches__Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey star as lifelong friends who meet on a (guess) beach. Their friendship evolves into a strong bond that endures life’s trials and tribulations, though sometimes just barely. This movie is heartwarming and humorous, and a must-see. (_playing at the Carroll)

Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure__Bill and Ted are two dudes in serious trouble. They have to get an A+ on their history project, or else they’re history. A friend from the future gives them a time machine, and Bill and Ted decide to visit famous historical figures and get the lowdown on them. It’s a cute and funny movie even though the plot is fluff. _playing at the Campus)

The ‘Burbs__Tom Hanks stars in this comedy about a serene suburb that is turned upside-down when a creepy new family moves in. Tom and his two goofy buddies (played by Bruce Dern and Rick Ducommun) try to find out exactly what their scary neighbors are up to and as a result “dig” up more than they can handle. The movie is partially funny but is ruined by an ending that is totally unbelievable. (_playing at the Campus)

Kinjite__This is another one of those Charles Bronson movies. You can expect a lot of action (kung fu, violence, etc.) from this flick. (Playing at the DeKalb)

Lean on Me__Morgan Freeman stars as Joe Clark, a controversial East Coast high school principal in this movie based on a true story. He changes the high school students from tough, hostile kids to young men and women who respect themselves. (Playing at the Campus)

Rain Man__This is one of the finest movies of 1988. Tom Cruise shows he can be play more than just cool while Dustin Hoffman gives one of his best performances ever. Cruise is a selfish hustler who discovers he has an autistic brother—Hoffman. Cruise kidnaps him from an institution and together they travel across country. Cruise transforms from a jerk to a human in two hours.—playing at the Carroll)

Working Girl__Mike Nichols directed this comedy-drama about Tess McGill (Melanie Griffith), a sweet but street-smart secretary trying to climb up the corporate ladder. Harrison Ford is her white-collar ally, and Sigourney Weaver plays her high-powered and dangerous boss. (Playing at the Campus)