Leader is key to winning

Every team wants to be successful, and there are many keys to a team’s success. When the team does not win, it is time to start looking for answers. Where do you start looking for answers? Well, why not start at the top.

The Student Association has not had a winning season. The team has been plagued this year by fumbles of policy and procedure, bad execution of plays, and perhaps the worst nemesis a team can encounter—bad communication, both on and off the field.

So, now the first half of the season has come to a close, and we look to the top for answers. We look to SA President Huda Scheidelman.

Everyone, from campus administrators to students to members of her own team, (a team ruled with an iron fist it should be added) has expressed discontent with Scheidelman’s effectiveness, or lack thereof, as president. The word has been heard. Even members of the Illinois Student Association have expressed a sad disbelief at the manipulative actions and uncooperative atmosphere that surround Scheidelman.

The word is “no”: no communication, no support, no cooperation, no political savvy. If none of these things exist, how can the team leader possibly be effective? How can the team possibly win?

The SA has some strong players. For that reason, disbandment is out of the question. However, other changes are necessary if the SA is to win. Scheidelman must initiate those changes.