Ignorance of policy poses problems

By Alyce Malchiodi

The fact that many students and organizations are not familiar with the poster policy causes various problems with advertising on campus.

Putting ads on the sidewalks is one of the problems caused by organizations that do not follow policy, said Z. Ahmad, Univeristy Programming and Activities program coordinator. Ahmad said duct tape often used to keep the ads in place on the sidewalk can be hazardous to handicapped individuals dependent on a cane to get around campus.

UP&A also regulates how alcohol on campus is advertised. Ahmad said the rules that are found in the Marketing Guidelines for Beverage Alcohol on College/University Campuses basically state ads should not encourage or promote drinking games or the use of alcohol for awards to students. Advertisements should not encourage alcohol abuse and posters should point out persons under 21 will not be served and IDs will be checked.

When organizations place posters on campus, regardless of policy, students complain about campus appearance, said Carol Keeler, UP&A receptionist. Another rule specifies where ads should be placed. Organizations not recognized by the Student Association should post their posters on the bulletin board in Altgeld Hall. Organizations recognized by the SA can place their posters on various bulletin boards on campus.

UP&A does not directly regulate the posters placed on campus, said Ahmad. Students, faculty and staff can notify UP&A of violations at their office on the sixth floor of the Holmes Student Center. UP&A will then investigate. Usually posters are removed by custodians and are subsequently not reported, said Keeler.

Ahmad said if an organization violates policy and it is brought to the attention of UP&A, they will send the organization a letter describing what the organization did incorrectly. If the organization is warned more than three times, the organization might lose posting privileges, he said.

If the organization has been warned three times and continues to violate poster policy, then they will be referred to the SA. The SA will then decide how to deal with the organization.

A possible solution to these problems is putting up bulletin boards outdoors at highly visibile points on campus, said Steven Duchrow of UP&A. Duchrow said this idea was suggested to NIU twice. He said NIU opposed the idea, because the university said boards would cause chaos and because it would cost $10,000.