Battle won in area drug war

With complaints of alleged police brutality in the news lately, it feels nice to be able to talk about the good guys once in a while.

In this case, the good guys belong to the North Central Narcotics Task Force, which Tuesday seized more than half a million dollars worth of cocaine, almost $30,000 in cash and five cars in a bust of a Pleasant Street drug operation. Three people also were arrested.

The bust is a cherry on an eight-month investigative sundae which netted more than $1 million in cocaine, as well as the seizure of several vehicles and cash. The task force investigation is responsible for more than 40 drug arrests in the last eight months.

Law enforcement officials say the task force’s investigation put a big dent in drug trafficking in DeKalb County. Business should be slow for the next few months, but these officials caution that more drug operations exist in the county.

We are at a time in American history when a bloody war is being fought—the war on drugs. This war not only claims lives, money, property and manpower, but the futures of our children.

That is why more projects like the North Central Narcotics Task Force need to be financed. Those involved in the latest drug bust, as well as previous busts in the investigation, are knights in shining armor fighting for a drug-free future.