SA facing vacancies at close of semester

By Maureen Morrissey

The position of Student Association Public Relations Committee adviser and at least four senate seats are being vacated in the SA at the end of fall semester.

Seven more senators, appointed during last semester, will be up for reappointment. “There will probably be more senate vacancies than that,” SA Vice President, Steve Coloia said.

SA Public Relations Adviser, Chris Hudders, resigned from his position Sunday. He said,”The SA was taking up too much time and my grades were suffering,” adding, “I am a student first.”

SA Senators Ken Hanson, District 1; John Withers, District 3 and Robert Rinaldi, District 2, are graduating. Sen. Tracy Deis, District 5 is resigning but “does not think it is anybody’s business (as to why),” and “does not care to discuss it publicly,” she said.

The president will suggest an appointment to replace Hudders, which according to SA bylaws must be approved by two-thirds of the senate, before Dec. 15, Coloia said. So far, two applications have been submitted and one interview conducted. “Advertising will continue until the end of the week,” Coloia said.

Senate positions can be filled by committee or special election, he said.

The committee is to be “made up of the president, senate speaker and minority relations adviser,” the bylaws state. Applicants are interviewed by the committee and the senate must approve them with a two-thirds vote. A special election will be held if enough seats become vacant, Coloia said.

“I estimate a special election will be held,” he said, adding, “if there is a large number of vacancies, it is better and more benifical to get student input.”

If a special election is held, last semester’s appointees will be subject to the election.

Senators appointed last semester include: Dave Noe, District 1; Tom Harmening, Karl Krutch and Jim Mertes, all of District 2; Paul Meyers, District 3; Ed Grasse, District 4 and Kevin Schramek, District 5.