Senate fills two vacant posts

By Mark McGowan

The Student Association senate appointed two additional members to its supreme court Sunday night, completing the search to create a five-member body.

The nominations of Brad Camis, a senior economics major and former SA vice president and graduate student Cam Davis were overwhelmingly approved by the senate.

Camis and Davis were brought before the senate by former Senate Speaker Phill Buoscio. Because of his second-place finish in last spring’s SA presidential election, Buoscio was allowed to appoint two members of the body.

Camis, a practicing Realtor and a member of the DeKalb County Board of Realtors Professional Standards and Ethics Committee under the Department of Professional Regulation, told the senate in a letter he is a “constitutional fundamentalist, and I do not believe that fashion should have any role in the judicial process.”

Camis’ letter said he applied to “insure that fairness and objectivity are given paramount consideration in any judicial review.”

Davis said he stands for integrity, objectivity and fairness. “I applied for the position of supreme court justice with the intent of lending a strong historical perspective to discussions when cases come before the court,” he said.

Chief Justice Ed Gil said he is looking forward to working with Camis and Davis. “I’m glad it’s finally resolved and someone’s been appointed,” Gil said. “We finally have a full court.”

The new justices will be receiving memos from Gil reminding them to “read up on the constitution and keep up on the issues” while welcoming them to the court, Gil said.

The full five-member court will provide more effectiveness and more variety to the body. Gil said Camis and Davis will begin their duties “as soon as any issue is brought before the court.”

The other justices are Pamela Bozeman and Robert Snidman, who were both appointed by SA President Huda Scheidelman.