Petition aims to end aid

By Lisa Daigle

More than 100 signatures have been collected and more are expected this week as members of the NIU and DeKalb communities involve themselves in international politics.

Local church leaders are circulating a petition encouraging Congress to end military aid to El Salvador following the death of six Jesuit priests Nov. 17. The petition began with the DeKalb InterFaith Network for Peace and Justice in Central America.

“With the nature of the judicial system in El Salvador, it will take months—if not years—to be investigated,” said Eric Dale, campus minister at United Campus Ministries, 415 Normal Road.

Dale said the circulating petitions are available through Friday at United Campus Ministries and the Wesley Foundation, 633 W. Locust St. A petition also is available at the DeKalb Municipal Building, 200 S. Fourth St.

“We feel a sense of urgency—our outrage needs to be expressed rigidly and forcefully,” church leaders said in a statement.

Dale said the local group would approve of a recently proposed congressional bill requiring one-third of the congressional aid be given to El Salvador if the six deaths are investigated.

Copies of the petitions will be sent to Illinois Sens. Paul Simon and Alan Dixon and President George Bush.

Those who have signed the petition include: DeKalb Mayor Greg Sparrow, DeKalb 2nd Ward Alderman Michael Welsh and 4th Ward Alderman Rita Tewksbury , Thomas Roberts, NIU professor of educational psychology and NIU physics professor Allen Weaver.