Republican seeks nomination

By Maureen Morrissey

Brad Burzynski, governmental affairs director for the DeKalb Farm Bureau, is seeking the Republican nomination for state representative of the 76th District.

The 76th District encompasses all of DeKalb County, as well as four southwestern townships in Kendall County, and the nine northern-most townships in LaSalle County.

The seat is held currently by John Countryman, who will retire at the end of this term.

Representing the people on a national level is something Burzynski has “always wanted to do.” After being contacted by several people to see if he was interested in the position, Burzynski decided he would “throw his hat in the ring.”

Countryman, who is in his third term as representative, will “not endorse any candidate for the position,” as a matter of policy, his office said.

As governmental affairs director, Burzynski “monitors issues of importance for the DeKalb area,” he said. He oversees the impact of issues such as county government, taxing, and education on the area.

If elected as representative, Burzynski is interested in getting “a fair share of money,” for the projects and programs of the district. One issue of importance is the cost of rural health, Burzynski said, because much of the district is rural community.

Burzynski’s office recently started to pass out petitions to get the 300 signatures needed to put him on the ballot by the State Board of Elections. The signatures need to be submitted to the board between Dec. 11 and 18.

At this time, no other candidates have announced they will be seeking the Republican nomination.