Based on fears

I am writing in response to James R. Hart’s letter, Nov. 28, titled “Opinion off base.” I seem to sense a sort of sickness or ignorance in this letter. Yet once again, I will try to explain to you why you don’t understand.

American society is, and has been, geared toward the white male for over 400 years. The white male has been the leading oppressor of his own women, black males and our women—not to mention the leading killer and destroyer of all black leaders. Let me also define racism for you: a means by which a majority or leading person uses their political, economical or social standing to repress and oppress one of less stature.

I ask you, a white male, who in this society has this type of power, who in this society is in the position to do such devilish things to his “fellow Americans.”

Since you are a part of all this power, how can you expect to see society for what it is? According to this letter, it seems as if you are disturbed by society’s attempt to pacify or (I’ll even go as far as to say) make amends for the last 400 years. Do you know why you feel threatened because they are letting us in to certain jobs where we weren’t before? You don’t want to see us there.

How can you dare complain about blacks not having the ACT scores to get into schools? For whom is that racist test geared? The American Public school system, from the time of Plessy vs. Ferguson, has virtually zero-funded inner-city schools all over this “great” land. This is not equality, this refers back to the slave owners who wrote the constitution.

Three-fifths of a human being justify why inner-city schools are three-fifths as staffed as suburban schools, three-fifths of a human being justifies why inner-city schools are three times as crowded as suburban schools. How can you, and society, base college entrance on an exam not geared toward the majority? Yes, we are the majority, never forget that nine-tenths of this world’s people are of color.

Do me a favor, research before you write. How can you say that there are no whites in Black Greek Council? Check Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. Secondly you don’t see the need for black organizations. All organizations are white unless otherwise stated. Statistical minority organizations have different interest and needs that cannot be met in a white organization.

Thirdly, if you were the minority on a predominantly black campus, I would advise you to form a White Student Union.


Michael Bonds