Expand on SA movie clips

It is great to see the Student Association looking for new avenues in which to make students better aware of what they have to offer. However, the proposed movie clips might not be the most favorable way to go unless they use this idea to benefit all student organizations along with themselves.

SA Sen. Amanda Rutter recently proposed showing one- to two-minute movie clips of SA activities before the weekend movies shown in Sandburg Auditorium. Rutter claims she came up with the idea as a less expensive alternative to publishing a newsletter, which the SA budget will not allow.

If the movie clip proposal pans out, the SA might want to take it a step further by sposoring movies for various student organizations. This would not take away from the SA’s goal to get the message across of what they are doing. Sponsoring films for various groups will show how much the SA really cares about all student organizations on campus.

Instead of showing a movie clip about the SA’s involvement in the Homecoming parade, perhaps they should present it as an SA sponsored film to recognize all those involved in the preparing the parade. The content of the clip should speak for itself and the SA will not only be encouraging student involvement in their group, but will encourage students to get involved in any activity that interests them. Overall student involvement is what any student government would want.