Palmer to speak on sexism

By Greg Rivara

The Feminist Front will bring back a campus celebrity of sorts to speak on sexism.

Former CHANCE counselor Martha Palmer will speak Nov. 15 on “Voices of Black Women; Sexism, Politics and Revolution.” Palmer will be accompanied by Diane Lee, a black feminist revolutionary from Chicago.

“Women are always doubly oppressed because they’re women,” said Julie Stege, one of the Front founders.

A reception prior to the program is slated for 7 p.m. with the progam to follow at 8 p.m. at the Wesley Foundation. The program is open to the public.

Palmer left DeKalb in December, 1988 when NIU failed to renew her contract as a CHANCE counselor. CHANCE Director Leroy Mitchell informed Palmer on June 27 that her contract would not be renewed past its Dec. 28 expiration, and his decision was later supported by Tendaji Ganges, director of the Office of Educational Services and Programs. NIU President John La Tourette upheld the decision of Palmer’s supervisors.

The CHANCE program is designed to admit students to NIU who do not meet the entrance requirements.

Palmer, a black woman, alleged racism and sexism played a part to end her NIU employment.

The Front is a Student Association recognized group that is “fighting for women’s liberation,” and against all forms of oppression, including racism and impoverishment, said Stege.

The group discusses history, philosophy and plans action to fight all forms of discrimination, especially those forms against women. The Front meets every Wednesday at 9 p.m. in the Wesley Foundation, unless otherwise noted.

Stege quoted the Front’s mission statement, explaining the Front is “connected to all struggles for the freedom to guide destiny.”

One Front ideology is that such forms of oppression as racism and sexism are systematically imposed by white males in political power.